Sony reveals the Next Generation Portable

At the PlayStation Meeting 2011 today in Tokyo, Sony finally revealed what we’d all known was coming: The PSP2.

Of course it’s not called the PSP2, because that would be too obvious and straightforward for the games industry. For the moment, at least, you’ll be looking forward to news about the NGP – the Next Generation Portable. That is apparently just a codename, but who knows – it just might stick!

The PlayStation Next Generation Portable

The PlayStation Next Generation Portable

Details are still being revealed in Japan, but so far, we can confirm that a bunch of the rumours and speculations were correct. The handheld will feature a high-resolution touch screen (and it’s bigger than the one in the original PSP). There are also dual analogue sticks, front and back-facing cameras and a touch-sensitive back panel. Oh, and they’ve also given it tilt-sensitive SIXAXIS controls, too, and promised that the handheld will use flash-based media to store games and software.

On top of all that, there’s built-in 3G and WiFi connectivity, and Sony are claiming that it will be “as powerful” as a PlayStation 3.

…and the best news? It’ll be out in time for this holiday season.

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