Angry Birds now (unofficially) Kinect-controlled

In case you hadn’t noticed, Angry Birds is taking over every single platform known to man – from smartphones to games consoles to coffee tables – and now it’s even motion-controlled, thanks to Kinect and some very clever people.

KinEmote specialise in creating Kinect software for Windows PCs, and they’ve recently developed a “Virtual Mouse” feature. It works just like you’d expect – you can use your hand to control the on-screen pointer – and once they’d gotten the concept sorted out, it’s no real surprise that the developers demonstrated its functionality on video games.

Playing the game is a pretty simple affair – use your hand to select the bird, pull it back and let it fly across to the egg-stealing pigs. And it works like a charm.

The developers explain:

You can turn pretty much any controller into a Wii Style air mouse using this technique, in this example we used a basic wireless game pad, but you could hold a wireless mouse or even a power point clicker to achieve the same result.

In the video, you can see one of the developers in the lower right corner, illustrating that everybody tries to affect their on-screen antics by frantically gesturing in front of the screen. The difference here, however, is that some of what you do will actually have an impact on the game.

Time will tell whether or not Rovio pick up on the idea and bring an official, Kinect-enabled version of Angry Birds to market. I think it’d do well, don’t you?

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