Carmen Sandiego, Oregon Trail head to Facebook

Facebook will soon be (slightly) more educational, with the revelation that both The Oregon Trail and Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego will be making their way to the platform real soon now.

Don’t believe me? We have all the details right here, including trailers for both games.

The Oregon Trail leans very much to the non-shool side of “edutainment” (much like the original), giving you minigames where you can shoot the animals or ford the river, as well as the option to customise your party. Think carefully when you’re deciding which of your Facebook friends you want to take with you, however – everybody along that trail dies of dysentery or snakebite.

A little more educational, but still fun, is Carmen Sandiego‘s latest outing. Just like the old days, you’ll need to remember details about your suspect, and travel around the globe. Times have changed, so the geographical real-world landmarks are all a little bit more realistic, but still we wonder how much geographical knowledge you’re really picking up from the game.

…we’re not quite sure what The Learning Company considers its target audience. Are they still going after the kids’ market? I’m thinking that more of their visitors will be grown-ups who just want a casual stroll down Memory Lane, with the ability to spam up their friends at the same time.

The Oregon Trail will arrive on Facebook next week, February 2nd, with Carmen Sandiego following a week later, on February 9th.

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