Driver claims video-game reflexes saved his life

Yet another story has come to light where skills learned in video games may have saved a man’s life. No, we’re not talking about how he’s learned to shoot, or how to build a city, or how to punch trees to obtain wood. Instead, Matthew Krizsan explains that playing video games has given him split-second reflexes which made him able to swerve out of the way of a truck hurtling towards him on a snowy road.

Travelling along Highway 401 in Ontario, Canada, Krizsan and his female passenger happened to have their dashboard camera recording their journey, when a truck – full of sand – smashed through the concrete barrier and careered into their path.

As seen in the video, Krizsan quickly swerved to the right, avoiding what could have been a deadly accident. Equally impressive – he managed to stay on the road and not crash into any other vehicles around him. (Several other vehicles were involved indirectly, and no serious injuries were reported.)

Krizsan explained later that “years of playing video games” were to thank for giving him the split-second reflexes he displayed on the road.

The 48-year old truck driver has been charged with careless driving – he blames “poor driving conditions” for the accident following a recent snowstorm.

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