Game4FloodFund – Week 1 Recap

Day 5

With the coding process coming along and the models assembling, some more focus was spent towards the website and back end. While we all tinkered away at various bits and pieces, our website design was looking like a solid choice.

Game4FloodFunds - Day 5

Basic website mock up

The music has also been given a face lift in the recent hours and we have a slightly new version than yesterday’s track.

Which do you think is better? How about we just put both in there!

Day 6

Today we get our first chance to play with the white box of the game and tweak the numbers and rates of the production line style. It is a very basic white box as we wait for the art to roll in, which hopefully should be finished by today.

Game4FloodFunds - Day 6

View of the game world

Tweaking the numbers to get the right speed for the players as well as the point value is something that is normally overlooked in a design world. However luckily I have some great coders behind me who have made it real easy for me to play and tweak.

But sadly it is day 6 and this project looks to be shaking – unless the artists can appear with all the art needed and the coders can fill in the gaps, we might have been beaten by the flood.

Day 7

Sadly today is the last day of this amazing week. Unfortunately we didn’t hit our mark due to a lot of factors working against us. Early in the week some key people were without power and computers due to the floods, some were stranded on the other side of Brisbane. Some people couldn’t put the time in needed due to their house being very affected.

It is a sad day for me as I had such high hopes for this project and for everyone on board. I would like to shout out a massive thanks to all those people who have supported us, those who helped out in any way even if it was lending someone a computer, getting us some food, offering a lift – or even giving us a spot to write about it. The support was fantastic and I am very sorry we couldn’t deliver it on time.

There is a light ray of hope in the fact a few key people are looking to keep slowly working on the project! Stay tuned here to see if Sand Bagger is coming to an iPhone/iPod near you in the future.

If you missed a day you can find them here

To donate to the Queensland Premier’s Flood Relief Appeal, head here:

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