Game Over for Pure Pwnage

In sad news for gamers everywhere, Jarett Cale from Pure Pwnage has announced that the uber-popular web series is now on “indefinite hold”. He ressures fans that “this doesn’t mean it’s officially ‘dead’,” but warns that this is the “most likely outcome”.

The news comes in a double-whammy update that also explains that the television series adaptation has not been picked up for a second season.

Jeremy from Pure Pwnage

Jarett Cale as Jeremy, in a scene from Pure Pwnage

Jarett explains that there will be a DVD release of the TV series, hitting shelves “sometime in March”, but he suggests not getting too excited, it will contain “only the as-aired episodes, the production blogs and the mail sac videos.”

The web series has been a labour of love for Jarett, following business partner Geoff Lapaire’s departure from the project in 2008. Since then, Jarett has been trying to continue as a solo effort, with the intention of giving the series a proper farewell, but now fears his attempt has merely prolonged the inevitable.

My hope that Pure Pwnage will see a proper ending to its illustrious web series has nearly vanished. I’ve let Geoff know that should he be willing at any time to resume some of his traditional, critical roles on the web series I will fly home to Toronto in a heartbeat to help make it happen. In the meantime I am spending some much needed quality time with my girlfriend and son (!), traveling to warm places and escaping the harsh Canadian winter, while trying to figure out what comes next on this wild ride called life. I want to extend a big hug and thank you to Stacey, Joel, Miranda, Dave, Monica, Mark, Big Bad Bill, and all the other good people in my life that helped keep my morale up these past two years.

Jarett also mentions that momentum has slowed on a Pure Pwnage feature-length movie he was trying to organise (although this status may change following the TV show’s cancellation), and that work on his video game side-project has also ground to a shuddering halt.

It’s been a long time since we heard anything new from the Pure Pwnage team (other than the Australian airing of the TV series, but this is still a disappointing development.

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