L.A. Noire May 2011 release date leaked

Someone at Rockstar Games is in a bit of trouble this week, after they accidentally leaked the eagerly-anticipated trailer for L.A. Noire over the weekend.

The trailer, officially due for release tomorrow, revealed the game’s release date – May 17th.
[img_big]center,3233,2011-01-17/1.jpg,The face of a man with nothing to hide?[/img_big]

Of course, the video’s since been pulled from most file-sharing sites around the interwebs, but the damage has already been done. Created entirely using in-game footage, the video also offers up new details on the game’s plot – did you know it was about a serial killer?

Whether or not the May 17th date is accurate, L.A. Noire will be released for Xbox 360 and PS3 later this year, and it’s shaping up to be a bit of all right. When the video is officially released on Monday, we’ll share it with you.

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