Game4FloodFund: Day 3 – Production

With the concepts in place, and the plan sorted. Day 3 kicked off the slow grind into production. Sadly the day wasn’t without some problems. Naturally when you are working on a project these things happen, but luckily for us it wasn’t too crazy and we were able to fix it.

As production is underway there aren’t too many more things to show you guys yet, but I can give you a simple outline of the idea of the game! You play as a volunteer helping the sand bag effort. There are a few conveyor belt tracks that bring sand down as they fill them up. Your job is to catch the sand and fill the bags up as best you can. Sounds pretty simple right? But if you want to earn more points and better praise, you fill the bag up as full as possible – but you will walk more slowly to catch it. The choice is yours: Tie it off early to make it to the next bag, or slowly try and fill them all up for the perfect score?

Game4FloodFunds - Day 2

Sand comes down the conveyor...

Tomorrow I shall have some new screens of the objects in the game, a basic website layout and possibly (if I can get it working) a demo track of the song in game.

If you missed a day you can find them here – Also follow the Twitter feed or join theFacebook Group for support.

To donate to the Queensland Premier’s Flood Relief Appeal, head here: – and stay tuned if you’d like to know how to support Game4FloodFund directly!

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