The Outsider has not been cancelled… yet.

Despite the rumours, fabled vaporware title The Outsider has not been cancelled. Or at least, so says Frontier Developments founder, David Braben.

Braben, co-creator of 80s classic Elite, has been working on The Outsider for more than six years. A recent decision for the company to “rethink its approach” to the game has resuled in 17 staff being made redundant, but Braben reassures fans the game is still far from being axed.

“There is still publisher interest in the project, and we haven’t cancelled it.

“The priority has been reduced, but we’re still working on it.”

…to clarify, he explained to Develop, a publisher has not cancelled the project, either.

The Outsider

The first screenshot we ever saw from The Outsider

Instead, Frontier Developments is simply reshuffling its manpower (there are still more than 210 staff onhand), to focus on “other unannounced projects”.

Now, The Outsider was originally pitched back in 2005, as an “action game with a political narrative”. Since then, nobody’s really heard very much about it – and nobody’s really seen very much of it either, with the game demonstrated to the press only a handful of times.

Originally self-funded by Braben and Frontier, the game was snapped up by Codemasters. Reports that the publisher has dropped the game have lead to stories of its demise – but Braben promises that another company (as yet unknown) has signed The Outsider up again. Let’s just hope we’re not waiting another 6 years before we see this one (…and that’s not just because Braben’s promised an MMO based on Elite once it’s finished!).

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