Prisoners rig up PS3 to charge cellphone

If you’re ever in desperate need of a mobile phone charger, but only have a PlayStation 3 and a USB mouse to hand, don’t worry. A quick bit of Macgyver-like fiddling will result in a perfectly usable charger, all set for powering up your handset for a few calls.

PlayStation 3

PlayStation 3 - it only does everything...

This bit of ingenuity comes care of Scotland’s Addiwell Prison, where staff had noticed their USB mice had started disappearing from the classroom.

A source has gone on-record saying that:

“Bosses couldn’t work out why so many mice were going missing.

“But they found a couple plugged in to PlayStations during cell searches and the penny dropped.

“The USB connection fits perfectly into a port of the games consoles and the wires are manipulated so they can charge mobile handsets.”

Before you ask, the inmates are allowed PS3 consoles as a reward for good behaviour. Mobile phones, on the other hand, are still banned, but smuggled in regardless. The prison staff may reconsider their platform choice after being alerted to the alternate use for the console’s USB charging ports.

At the moment, their solution is simple, if a bit high school. Students to the prison’s classes on maths, English and computer skills are not allowed out of the classroom until all mice are back on the desk.

Source: The Daily Record

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