Eric Ruth works his Pixel Force magic on Halo

First, we saw his take on Left 4 Dead. Then, he turned up with a demake of DJ Hero. Now, Eric Ruth Games is welcoming 2011 with a new game: Pixel Force: Halo.

If you guessed that it was an 8-bit makeover of Halo: Combat Evolved, you’d be absolutely correct.
…and if you guessed that it would be pretty darn awesome, you’d also be correct.

Pixel Force: Halo

This is 8-bit.

Ruth is apparently undeterred by the recent “show of force” which saw his previous game, Pixel Force: DJ Hero taken down by Universal Music Publishing (not Activision, interestingly enough). He chalks that one up to experience, and mumbles something about how the game is still available if you know where to look.

Now though, his attention is on Pixel Force: Halo. It’s a side-scrolling NES-style remake (if you hadn’t guessed), with each sprite, bleep, bloop, weapon and enemy hand-created specifically for the game. Sound intriguing? You can grab it from our file library and get your retro game on.

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