Game4FloodFund: Day 2 – The Concept

With everyone onboard with The Plan, we set off to concept out what we wanted the game to look and feel like. With the code team hard at work from their homes (now with electricity!) the art guys set about getting the style down and some model sheets to create the assets.

Game4FloodFunds - Day 2

Hm, topical!

During this team we also have some web friends making up a site and some logos, for a sneak peak at some early drafts, here are a couple of the ideas.

Game4FloodFunds - Day 2

Concept Art: Bruce McKoala

Get any ideas what the game might be about yet? If you guessed sand bagging, you would be correct! We were inspired by all the volunteers that jumped in and helped out at the various sand bag locations around Brisbane. With this idea we want to acknowledge every one of those volunteers for their tireless work all day and night! There was an amazing turn out and even some stations had to turn people away (or send them to another location) because they had too much help.

If you missed a day you can find them here – Also follow the Twitter feed or join the Facebook Group for support.

To donate to the Queensland Premier’s Flood Relief Appeal, head here: – and stay tuned if you’d like to know how to support Game4FloodFund directly!

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