World of StarCraft is real, kinda

World of StarCraft. At every BlizzCon, gamers ask for it. Fans of RTS and RPG alike lay awake at night wondering just what the game would be like. Blizzard have proved what they’re capable of in a massively multiplayer online sense with World of Warcraft, isn’t it time that they took the concept into outer space?

…looks like a bunch of fans got together and decided they’d had enough. If Blizzard weren’t going to do it, they were going to create the game themselves. Using the very powerful StarCraft II map editor (and many, many hours of work), they’ve created a pre-alpha version of World of StarCraft – and they’ve released a video so we can all check it out.

The game’s been created by a relatively small team of modders, who’ve set up a forum to discuss the project. While they’re understandably pretty pleased with their work, the developers are also a little wary, posting an open letter to Blizzard:

Thankyou for coming all this way in your nice suit to my crummy forum. I’m guessing you’re a little upset with me right now, or maybe you’re happy. I don’t know.

You created a tool that allowed us to do anything with your assets. You encouraged us to use your assets and were eager to see what we might come up with. You had to have seen this coming?

Fingers crossed that Mr. Morhaime look at this project the way it was intended – who knows, it may become a featured, downloadable map for StarCraft II in the future, if not something bigger. Stranger things have happened… (see: Counter-Strike, Team Fortress 2, Dota…)

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