Epic keeps quiet about Gears of War: Exile

We thought that Epic Games had its hands full with the impending release of Bulletstorm, not to mention the fact it’s still working on Gears of War 3, due later this year.

The company is also putting together the Gears of War Triple Pack, a compilation that throws the original game together with Gears of War 2, the Road to Ruin campaign and some bonus multiplayer maps. That’s all due on February 15th.

For most companies, that would probably be enough. But not Epic. Suckers for punishment (or, perhaps, just a bunch of developers who really want the best gaming experience for their fans), a new project has just been leaked.

Gears of War: Exile

The freshly registered logo

Nobody really knows anything about Gears of War: Exile just yet, but Epic have registered a trademark for it, as well as creating a snazzy logo.

Unsurprisingly, the developer states that:

“We have no news to share at this time.”

Could this be the fabled Kinect-friendly Gears title we’ve been hearing stories about?
Could it be the title that Epic were meant to reveal last month?
So many questions!

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