Game4FloodFund: Day 1 – The Plan

Last week, Queensland, Australia was hit with some of the worst flooding they have seen in 30 years (the total area underwater was larger than Texas and California combined!). Looking at the devastation, I came up with an idea to help those who had been affected. So I started asking around to see who else was interested in using the skills we learnt at university to do something amazing in a short amount of time. The plan was set, the people onboard, the challenge has started.

Game4FloodFunds - Day1

Random Thoughts and Concepts

There was huge amount of support from friends and victims of the flooding – we have now set about to make a video game with proceeds going to the flood relief funds. However, we are attempting to do it in a week!

Game4FloodFunds - Day 1

Possible concept sketch? Hmmm

With the first day out of the way the guys and girls showed up and we discussed everything we wanted to have in the game, things that weren’t needed and general plan of attack. A few have done similar small time frame game events – but this is something on a whole new level.

Game4FloodFunds - Day 1

'Necessary Food supplies'
Preparation is key 😉

This is a huge task to try but the idea is simple, yet addictive and fun. More will be explained on the game as the week runs on. I’ll be running a twitter feed – but for each day’s round up and new information be sure to check back here!

To donate to the Queensland Premier’s Flood Relief Appeal, head to: – and stay tuned if you’d like to know how to support Game4FloodFund directly!

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