CityVille boasts 100 million citizens

When you think of Facebook gaming, most likely you think of farming simulators. And rightly so, as FarmVille has been at the forefront of social gaming since its inception, consistently smashing popularity records and topping charts all over the place.

…at least, it was. Now, Zynga‘s follow-up CityVille has already beaten its country cousin, reaching 100 million users in just 43 days.


Paving farmland paradise for a high-rise parking lot

The best FarmVille could do was reach an all-time high of 83.76 million back in March 2010. Don’t feel too bad for them though, the original is still blitzing the newcomer when it comes to return customers – 34.5 gamers tend their farms each day, while a “mere” 18.5 check into their city.

Of course, both games have been created by the same company, so the real winner here is Zynga. One in six Facebook users, according to current statistics, have at least tried CityVille, and half of all users are checking out at least one Zynga game. It’s a bit frightening. (Also terrifying: The CityVille development team were formed less than a year ago, and while some members had game-creating experience, 95% of the team had never worked on a game before.)

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