Tables turn for block-bustin' Angry Birds

Those Angry Birds are generally all about smashing things – but an enterprising young man from Hong Kong has turned the concept on its head. When hurled at a stationary object, his Angry Birds would shatter into a pile of tiny pieces… to be technical, a pile of Lego bricks.

Chiukeung's Lego Angry Birds

They're still angry...

Tsang Yiu Keung has dedicated an entire Facebook gallery to his creations, which adapt the iOS best-seller into a slightly more blocky form. Characters and props have been re-built using only Lego products – and we’re left wondering why nobody has done this before!

For a slightly more sturdy, physical rendition of Angry Birds, you should keep an eye on Mattel, who unveiled Angry Birds: Knock on Wood at CES – a playset / board game version of the popular timewaster.

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