Portal 2 to include some very chatty robots

Portal 2 is a puzzle game, and not one that you’d expect to be full of talking. It seems that when Valve have different expectations, however, revealing that the game has a whopping 13,000 lines of dialogue.

We’re not sure if every single one of those lines will be the crystallised perfection of GLaDOS in the first game, but it’s still an impressive feat – particularly when you consider that main character Chell doesn’t really say much.

Of course, the over-vocal personality spheres will pick up most of the slack, and the game’s extensive co-op campaign will feature a whole lot of banter between Atlas and P-body.

Portal 2's Atlas and P-body

Portal 2 chatterbots Atlas and P-body

As a writer, and a reader, and someone who appreciates words in general, this is all very exciting.

Portal 2 will be launched for PC, Mac, PS3 and Xbox 360 during the week of April 18th – hitting Australian / New Zealand shelves on April 21.

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