Bulletstorm demo announced – only for consoles

You would think that Epic Games‘s upcoming action shooter Bulletstorm getting a demo would be good news, right? Apparently, it’s upset a number of gamers, who are interpreting the lack of a PC version as an illustration that the developer is ignoring its roots.

Starting January 25th, console gamers can get their hands on a sample of the eagerly-anticipated new action shooter from People Can Fly, as it is released on both PlayStation Network and Xbox LIVE.
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The demo promises to include a segment of one of the three gameplay modes – Echo, which sees gamers playing through locations that are uncovered in the over-arching single player campaign, tracking and comparing scores. (In addition to traditional single-player, the other mode is Anarchy multiplayer.)

In addition to simply letting you play a part of the game before the whole lot’s released in February, playing the demo will also allow you to unlock platform-specific upgrades to use in the full game’s Anarchy mode.

The Bulletstorm demo hits Xbox LIVE Marketplace on January 25th, with the PlayStation Network following the day after. Those dates are for the UK, and may vary from region to region.

Oh, and if you’re a fan of Epic‘s other titles, it might be a good idea to snap this one up on Xbox 360 – the Bulletstorm Epic Edition will also grant you access to the Gears of War 3 beta, plus a handful of other bonus content. (The PS3 and PC versions will also feature additional bonus content that hasn’t yet been revealed, so you’re not missing out.)

The whole shebang hits stores for all three platforms somewhere around February 25th.

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