Minecraft racks up 1,000,000 sales

In his usual, understated fashion, Notch has posted that Minecraft just passed one million sales.

Literally. That was his announcement, titled “Exclamation mark.“:

Minecraft just passed one million sales.

…so, that’s more than 1,000,000 copies sold of a game that’s not even finished yet. As we remember, Minecraft was still in pre-release Alpha mode until December, when it made the huge jump to Beta.

The game is clearly not finished – there’s no story or narrative, many features are still being developed and there’s more than a handful of bugs lurking about the place. But, obviously, that hasn’t stopped gamers coming in droves – in fact, the “DIY” feel to the game may even have helped it.

A GeoDome in Minecraft

...Wyld's GeoDome.

Minecraft may feature rudimentary combat and survival, but most people love it as a sort of online Lego. You can build anything you want in-game, using different types of blocks. This has included mammoth structures, feats of architecture, physics-defying creations and even a working computer. The game is – basically – whatever you want it to be. And with more than a million people worldwide slowly getting addicted, it’s obviously pretty good at it.

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