Former Blizzard executive now Gazillion president

One of the creators of Blizzard‘s Diablo series has just been promoted to President and COO of Gazillion Entertainment. David Brevik was President at Blizzard North for seven years, and was heavily involved in engineering and launching in his time at the company.

Gazillion Entertainment

Gazillion Entertainment

Following a brief stint at the doomed Flagship Studios, Brevik has been with Gazillion for a while now, serving as Studio Director and project lead for their Marvel Universe title. These roles build on his experience working on Diablo and Diablo II, and it seems like he’s happy with his new home:

“Gazillion is committed to developing top-tier online games. The future will be defined by console quality games in the web browser, and we believe we can make this a reality today.”

Gazillion‘s founder and CEO, Rob Hutter, is also pleased:

“David is one of the foremost game development talents in the industry. We’ve benefited enormously from the creative and technical leadership he has brought to Gazillion, and we’re very pleased that he will be stepping into this key companywide role.”

David’s promotion isn’t the only thing that’s changing at Gazillion – it looks like the new year’s brought some new blood into the top jobs. Jeff Lind, former Director of Development on several Electronic Arts projects and former Director of Engineering at Turbine West has been moved into a Vice President position. He’ll also be Studio Head for Secret Identity (formerly Gargantuan), the wholly-owned Gazillion studio developing Marvel Universe.

A whole bunch of Marvel characters

Marvel Universe Online isn't due for a while yet

…and it doesn’t stop there, either! Dan Fiden is the new VP of Publishing, bringing the company into line when it comes to digital development and distribution. He’s been working with digital games for more than a decade, at Electronic Arts‘ Pogo division, and more recently at the San Francisco offices of Playfish.

So this is all great, and Gazillion Entertainment has a pretty hefty pedigree (John Romero is also onboard on another project), but for all the bells, whistles and impressive staffing choices, they’ve only really got one game on shelves, last year’s LEGO Universe, from NetDevil. With that developer now facing legal action over the hefty delays to Jumpgate Evolution (another Gazillion project), things are looking a little uneasy.

Fingers crossed that the hype doesn’t dissolve into a lot of hot air – or, should we say – vapour.

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