"Fatty Bum Bum Nana" loses 50lb with Wii Fit

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can inspire me to lose 50 pounds using a video game. Well, that’s how it worked for a British grandmother, who was so horrified to hear her young granddaughter calling her “Fatty Bum Bum Nana” that she became determined to lose the extra weight.

Jean Hinton in 2006

Jean Hinton in 2006

Jean Hinton’s husband bought her a Nintendo Wii console, and – by spending just half an hour a day using Wii Fit, the numbers on the scale started to drop.

In just nine months, Jean has lost 49lbs – and is much happier for it. She’s now set up a support group on Facebook for other weight loss hopefuls, and is championing Wii Fit as an effective weight loss tool, despite academic reports that the console is just a gimmick.

“At first, it was very difficult and I could only do five minutes at a time. I was so fat I could barely move my arms and legs, but slowly I built up to doing half an hour a day.

“After a month, I had lost six pounds. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but it was to me and it spurred me on to do more.

“I still ate chips and chocolate and Wii Fit was the only exercise I did because I couldn’t afford a gym.”

Jean had always been healthy and happy, retaining a slim UK size 10 until surgery in 2006 meant that she couldn’t exercise for two months. It didn’t take long for extra weight to start appearing, and Jean became more and more depressed about her body – sabotaging herself by turning to food for comfort.

After the taunts from her granddaughter and seeing pictures of herself at her heaviest posted online, Jean was devastated, convinced that there was nothing she could do about her weight. This is where husband Matthew stepped in, buying Jean a Wii, balance board and copy of Wii Fit for Christmas.
[img_big]center,6168,2010-11-20/37197_Wii_Fit_step_basics.jpg,The ‘Step Aerobics’ program in Wii Fit[/img_big]

Just a few minutes of effort turned into half an hour of exercise a day, and as Jean watched her progress, she was inspired to make small adjustments to her diet. In the months since, she explains she has a more active social life, no longer requires anti-depressant medication, and has even improved her relationship with Matthew.

“My husband was amazed by how good I looked. He said it was nice that I was finally smaller than him again – he has a 38-inch waist and wears extra large clothing so you can imagine how big I had been.”

…it’s not just Matthew who’s noticed. Jean’s friends didn’t recognise the new, slim version, and as for granddaughter Chelsea? She’s stopped referring to her Fatty Bum Bum Nana.

“I think she thinks I’m disappearing as every time she sees me now there is a bit less of me.”

Source: Daily Mail

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