Angry Birds unleashes free assault on App Store

Want to try out this whole “Angry Birds” thing, but don’t want to spend any money on it? (Alternatively, have you already tried it out and want a bunch of new levels to play?)

Angry Birds Free

Please sir, can I have some more?

You’re in luck! The generous folks at Rovio Mobile have just unleashed another free version of the game. Angry Birds Free boasts 12 never-before-seen levels, split up over 4 mini episodes. This isn’t just some pared-down version of the game either, it’s been developed specifically for this all-new mobile version.

Brush up on your logic, skill, physics-knowledge and a little brute force, and you’ll be well on your way to hanging out with some angry, angry avians.

There’s also Game Center support thrown in, including leaderboards and achievements, so you can share your high scores with your mates, and maybe even join in with them for a game or two.

Angry Birds Free

Can you squeal like a pig, boy?

In the past, Rovio have released most of their titles through publisher Chillingo, but are now starting to venture out in the App Store under their own banner. This version of Angry Birds Free is ad-supported, but if you like it enough to put up with the ads, you may well want to fork over the US$0.99 to pick up the full version!

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