King of Kong crown goes to Hank Chien

Steve Wiebe has again lost the Donkey Kong high score, as New York plastic surgeon Dr Hank Chien snatches another 3,500 points from the game to regain the crown.

Dr. Hank Chien, record holder for Donkey Kong

Dr. Hank Chien and his arcade machine

Twin Galaxies – the online record keepers for these things – reports that Chien posted a new high score of 1,068,000 in late December, and that he did it in less than three hours.

Wiebe’s record was set in September, a whopping 1,064,500 points which had knocked hot-sauce salesman Billy Mitchell from the top spot. Mitchell himself had bested Chien for the record, so it has now come full circle – just in time for another revolution!

This all puts a bit more weight on Wiebe’s shoulders as he appears at a live event at Chicago’s Logan Hardware this weekend – originally planned as a skills demonstration that might bump up his score, it’s now a serious battle.

…and Mitchell and Chien aren’t backing down either – all three will appear together in March at the huge New Jersey Donkey Kong competition, The Kong Off, organised by Richie Knucklez.

Chien explains:

“It will be the first time all the former Donkey Kong world record holders will be under one roof along with some of the world’s best players. It’s also the first Donkey Kong competition I’m aware of that has attracted such high caliber participants. I’m looking forward to meeting my fellow players, sharing tips and watching varying styles of play.”

It should be an exciting event, no matter what the outcome. Who knows – a newcomer might stroll up and beat the lot of them!

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