Free Anamanaguchi chiptunes bootleg

Do you like chiptunes? Do you like punk? Do you like Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game? You’re probably a fan of Anamanaguchi then, whether you know it or not.

Anamanaguchi at the Knitting Factory - CC by Lucius Kwok

Anamanaguchi at the Knitting Factory

The NYC four-piece uses a hacked 1985-era NES and a Game Boy to create their signature sound. If you want to check it out, the kids at NYCTaper took their microphones along to last Thursday’s show at Brooklyn’s iconic Knitting Factory – and the results are now freely available as a bleepy, bloopy bootleg for you to download.

Don’t know what you’re in for? Here’s a video of UNME, recorded at the same gig (note – there’s lots of strobe lighting):

From NYCTaper:

The notion that 8-bit 1980s video game theme music could create a thriving sub-genre seemed strange and somewhat gimmicky. Late to the game, I had my mind completely changed at Knitting Factory on Thursday night. Perhaps the most accomplished of all the chiptune bands, Anamanaguchi has seen a recent surge in exposure due to the popularity of their Scott Pilgrim soundtrack. The Knit was sold out and packed to the walls with an absolutely bonkers crowd. I had expected four nerds playing little keyboards — what I got was four accomplished musicians playing excellent instrumental music with elements of 80s alternative, 70s prog and 90s punk.

If you’re in NYC, or can get there by January 14th (that’s this Friday!), you may want to check the band out – they’re playing at the Studio at Webster Hall – and if this set is anything to go by, tickets will sell pretty quickly.

…if you’re not in the right place to catch them live, don’t despair. The band will also be making an appearance in Rock Band (the first chiptune band to do so!) with their song Airbrushed. Can’t wait? Play a bit of Scott Pilgrim, or Bit.Trip Runner – the band contributed the soundtracks to both.

[image credit: Lucius Kwok]

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