Your Shape: Fitness Evolved gets interesting

Gym memberships soar in January, as everybody resolves to get fit in the new year. By March, all of those good intentions have disappeared, but it’s good to know that we start out with good intentions.

I’d imagine that a similar thing happens with fitness programs. Everybody rushes out and buys the latest and greatest, because surely this new peripheral will be the golden ticket to flatter abs… but before long the game’s left to gather dust as it becomes just-one-more-thing to fit into the already busy week.
[img_big]center,5815,2011-01-05/nyny_r3_skating_dude03.jpg,New year – new you![/img_big]

This is something that Ubisoft had to take into consideration when they created Your Shape: Fitness Evolved. They neatly bypassed the requirement to buy a new one-use peripheral by developing the game specifically for Kinect, and they’ve tried to keep people’s interest by releasing new fitness programs for you to download.

Today, you can grab two new (and pretty exciting) programs from Xbox LIVE, in case your workout needs a shakeup – they’re available for 400 MS Points each, or in a twin-pack for 560 MS Points:

  • “New Year New You”, a specific program to get back in shape after Xmas and New Year’s celebrations
  • “Dance Workout: Bollywood”, a dance take on fitness, matching efficient exercise with Indian-inspired moves and atmosphere

[img_big]center,5815,2011-01-05/bollywood_c02_jaiho03.jpg,Bollywood! In your living room![/img_big]

And this is just the beginning. In the first half of the calendar year, Ubisoft have scheduled 12 new pieces of add-on content for Your Shape: Fitness Evolved – and remember there’s two others for you to download too – the Toned Body Program and the Cardio Boxing Platinum.

Your Shape: Fitness Evolved - iPhone screenshot

Your Shape in your pocket

But wait! There’s more!
If you want to keep track of your Your Shape profile and stats even when you’re not in your living room, there’s a brand new App available for iPhone and iPod touch.

You’ll be able to track how many calories you’ve burned quickly and easily, as well as monitoring the progress you’ve made towards your fitness or weight loss goals – all while you’re out and about.

…and the best thing? It’s free!
Good on you, Ubisoft – I’m interested to see if paying this extra attention will keep people’s interest up (and weights down!).

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