Kinect sells more than 8 million units

Remember how Microsoft were aiming to sell 3 million Kinect units by the end of the 2010 holiday season? Remember how they bumped that up to 5 million shortly after launch when they saw how well it was doing? Well, they reached their target – and they did it in style.

[img_big]center,75,2010-11-05/DanceCentral_MTVGames_ScreenshotMoNOHUD.jpg,We estimate 7.9 million secret copies of Dance Central[/img_big]

In today’s keynote presentation at CES, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer revealed that – in the short few months since launch – the Kinect has sold more than 8 million units worldwide.

The skeptics in the room will of course theorise that MS were understating their expected sales figures so that they could romp into the new year with an announcement like this – but even if that is the case, 8 million units is pretty darn impressive. Is it too early to announce a winner in the motion-sensing controller wars?

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