APB Reloaded readies closed beta for February

If you’re still mourning the loss of APB, the all-too-short-lived MMO of 2010, I have some good news. The free-to-play relaunch of the new version is not too far away, with the game’s official Twitter account announcing that the closed beta will be kicking off in February!

Want to know more? Head to the game’s official website and sign up (we’re not sure if former APB gamers will be automatically included in the mail-out). Then, the moment those servers get back online and the game rises from the ashes, you’ll be kept in the loop!

All Points Bulletin - Mohawk Girl

You'll be able to meet her, and her friends, real soon.

New publishers GamersFirst see this new project as a great opportunity, and are really looking forward to sinking their teeth into the game and giving more people the chance to get back into San Paro. Their current plan is – obviously – to get the game, based on the Unreal Engine, up and running again. Once that’s done, there’s one more patch that was created by original developers Realtime Worlds before the company closed its doors, so that will finally see the light of virtual day. After that’s all running, extra zones within the game will be unlocked for free players, microtransaction plans will be implemented, and – who knows – premium accounts might start popping up again.

In a move sure to please former would-be-fans, GamersFirst are also planning on expanding the game’s reach in the real world. They’re already planning on targetting Brazil and South America, and we’re hoping that Australia won’t be so blatantly ignored as it was with the original. Fingers crossed!

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