StarCraft II through the eyes of a 4yr old


NuubCast - now with more Nuub!

At various BlizzCons over the years, I’ve always made an effort to catch at least a little bit of the professional StarCraft matches. They’re always a pretty intense experience! The commentators get into it almost as much as the crowd – but I think we have a new winner.

NuubCast describes itself as “Low level Starcraft 2 gamecasts and shoutcasts for your listening and viewing pleasure.” Towards the end of last year, one of the NuubCasters filmed a cast video as usual, but his four-year old daughter started chirping in the background. Fast forward a little while and the young girl asks her father if they could “make another movie” before bath time.

The result is this: NuubCast #69 – PvZ – Back By Popular Demand – and even if you don’t know anything about StarCraft II, it’s well worth a look.

Sure, it’s nearly 15 minutes long, but it’s the best, most adorable StarCraft II cast we’ve ever seen. Picking out a highlight is impossible, but can pretty much be summed up by “*gasp* I see something!!!”

…oh, and I’d like to officially petition Blizzard to rename those pesky Zerg Drones – the Nuublet’s onto something when she simply calls them “shooties”. Let’s not even go into the “poop cream” discussion, okay?

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