L.A. Noire greets 2011 with new screens

Welcome back to playerattack for 2011, and to kick things off in style we have a handful of new screens hot off the presses for L.A. Noire. Will this year finally see Rockstar inviting gamers into their post-war version of Los Angeles, after we almost wrote the project off as vapourware years ago?
[img_big]center,3233,2011-01-03/23.jpg,Detective Cole Phelps takes a breather as night falls on Los Angeles.[/img_big]

Well, all things being equal, yes. Rockstar have cued this one up for a “Spring” launch in the northern hemisphere, which means we may be playing this one in a matter of months.
[img_big]center,3233,2011-01-03/22.jpg,Phelps shouts a warning as he and partner Roy Earle enter a crime scene.[/img_big]

These screens show human interactions that go far beyond what we know now as “cut-scenes”, say the publisher.

Thanks to the huge leap forward that MotionScan technology represents, every character in L.A. Noire speaks and emotes with realistic precision throughout the entire game, every facial detail captured regardless of whether searching for clues on foot, in a shootout or in the middle of a crucial interrogation.

[img_big]center,3233,2011-01-03/20.jpg,Patrolling downtown L.A. as a beat cop, early in the game.[/img_big]

You did watch the Technology Behind Performance video I shared last month, right? It’ll give you a great idea of what’s going on, even if you’ve never heard of the game.
[img_big]center,3233,2011-01-03/24.jpg,Cole debates the merits of a homicide case with the Captain in a downtown diner.[/img_big]

Promising to be a “dark and violent detective thriller”, L.A. Noire takes us back to a post-war Los Angeles of the late 1940s, as you step into the shoes of new detective Cole Phelps. Your task – interrogate suspects, solve cases described as “gruesome and mind-bending”, and rise through the ranks of the LAPD.

With Australia’s Team Bondi on the case, we can’t wait to see this one when it finally hits shelves a little later this year.

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