PETA appreciates Adult Swim's games

PETA are dabbling their toes in the murky videogame waters yet again, awarding Adult Swim a “Proggy”, in recognition of their ‘animal-friendly’ Flash games.

On the surface, it looks like Adult Swim have done some of PETA’s work for them, creating the game Tofu Hunter, an adaptation of Big Buck Hunter-type titles that sees you firing at chunks of bean curd, as well as Polar Bear Payback, where gamers help polar bears hunt down – and maul – baby seal hunters.

Looks like People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals aren’t so big on the Ethical Treatment of People…

Polar Bear Payback by Adult Swim

You're a polar bear out to stop global warming through mutilation.

The Proggy Awards (the name is an abbreviation of “progress”, by the way), are handed out to companies, people, and products who have made “innovative and animal-friendly achievements”. In the past, gongs have gone to titles like The Sims 3 and Fable II.

This year, Ingrid E. Newkirk, PETA president, thinks that Adult Swim has done a pretty good job:

“By portraying the killing of animals for sport, food, or fur in a negative way, these games encourage players to give animals a break and stop eating, wearing, and shooting them.”

Tofu Hunter by Adult Swim

Grab your shotgun and head out into the great outdoors for an action-packed tofu hunt!

…do you think anyone’s told them that the Adult Swim games are parodies and probably shouldn’t be taken all that seriously? Either way, they’ll be given a framed certificate, and the opportunity to use the Proggy logo on their promotional materials.

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