Thief steals Game Boy from coffin

This time of year is a pretty emotional one, so spare a thought for the family of Bradley McCombs Jr, a 17 year old boy killed in a car accident on Christmas Day. Brad was an avid gamer, so family and friends tucked a few key items into his casket – including a Game Boy, a Game Boy Light and three games – so that he’d have something to pass the time with in the afterlife.

Nintendo Game Boy

Handheld gaming, circa 1989

But they never made it to their destination. At Brad’s public visitation – an open-casket affair held in Indiana County – a family friend allegedly pinched the handhelds and gaming cartridges, running away when he was confronted by McCombs family members.

Jody Bennett, 37, was charged with vandalism, theft, harassment, disorderly conduct and abuse of a corpse, and is currently being held on US$15,000 bail. His family and Brad’s family have been friends for “many years”, and Jody has a history of alcohol and drug-related charges.

Jody’s aunt, Dianna Bennett, explains to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that Jody’s brother had been killed in a drink-driving accident.

“You think that would make him think, but I don’t know.”

Brad’s father, Bradley McCombs Sr, says via Facebook that he could not properly grieve his son’s death because he was too angry.

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