Choice of Games: Interactive Fiction for the Kindle

We were very excited to hear that you could play Zork on the Kindle, and now we’re even more thrilled at the news that more interactive fiction is on the way. Indie developer Choice of Games has brought two more text adventures to the eBook reader – Choice of the Dragon and Choice of Broadsides.

Choice of Broadsides

The briney deep, in eBook form.

Sure, the Kindle’s meant to be used primarily for book-type products, but indie developers and major publishers alike have taken to the platform as a new and innovative gaming device. EA is already over there, with titles like Electronic Arts: Scrabble, Monopoly and EA Solitaire – and they’re not alone.

While the platform does lend itself well to simple word and number games like sudoku and crosswords, Choice of Games are coming at it a bit differently, letting their interactive fiction freak flag fly.

Company co-founder Dan Fabulich explains:

“Our games are perfectly suited for Kindle. Building our games entirely with text gives us the freedom to tell sophisticated stories that put you and your choices at the center of the action. Our games are like ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ books, but bigger, deeper, and richer.”

Choice of the Dragon Choice of Broadsides
Gameplay on the Kindle!

It’s like they heard my secret desires! Choice of Broadsides calls itself a “swashbuckling naval adventure”. Gamers play as a British officer commanding a Royal Navy frigate amongst the Napoleonic wars. It’s actually already won prizes – an Honorable Mention for the Independent Games Festival‘s Nuovo award, which respects “abstract, short-form, and unconventional game development”.

Speaking of unconventional, gamers play as the dragon in Choice of the Dragon, which means you get to loot and pillage, squish a kingdom or two, battle it out with wizards and – hopefully – find yourself a scaly friend to hang out with.

Choice of Games say they’re not stopping there, either. They’ve got more games on the way for the Kindle, but if you can’t wait, they’ve got two more games to play free online, along with Dragon and Broadsides. I do love how we’re embracing the future by acknowledging the past like this. It just feels right.

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