Fable III: Kingmaker hands out Christmas cheer

The three wise men brought gold, frankincense and myrrh when they greeted the baby in the manger. Thanks to the global economy, times are tough, so Lionhead have only brought gold this year, as a gift for fans of Fable III – specifically, those who played the mobile tie-in game Kingmaker.

To celebrate the festive season, each gamer who played with the mobile Kingmaker game will receive a gift of 50,000 gold coins to help them on their way in Albion.

This isn’t the only gift in Fable III – gamers already received a free Santa hat to put them firmly in the Christmas spirit. Imagine, wandering through the world chatting to villagers, finding chickens and wearing a jolly red hat. It just makes the whole lot more fun, doesn’t it!

In-game Santa Hat for Fable III

Ho ho ho!

…now if you’re not sure, Fable III: Kingmaker was released in October 2010 and promptly took Europe by storm. The game uses geo-location to allow fans to pledge their allegiance (either to the Royals or the Rebels) by planting virtual flags for their faction in real-world locations, thanks to the magic of GPS.

Claim open land or plant a flag in your opponent’s territory, and earn gold to use inside the Xbox 360 exclusive Fable III. Since launch, more than 3.7 million virtual flags have been planted, earning gamers more than 5.5 billion gold coins.

…but if you want to get in on this free money, you’ll have to act fast – Kingmaker is only running until January 1, 2011, and the Christmas hand-out is scheduled to happen some time before January 4th.

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