RAGE 1.1 update hits the App Store

Your iDevice has just gotten a little bit RAGE-ier, with a handy little 1.1 update for id Software‘s latest portable title. The big news – the game now features Game Center functionality, has added gyroscope support and there’s even support for a second display.

Wait, what? Put simply, you’re now able to use your iDevice as a gaming console, just by plugging it into a tv or a monitor (you’ll need an official Apple Component cable for 480p output, or an official Apple VGA cable for 720p). Want to try your hand at surviving on the big screen?

And while most updates and patches come with a changelog (which we’ve got), this one comes with a video! Check it out, and tell me you’re still able to resist the 99c purchase price.

v1.11 Update Info

  • Language Localization – now in French, Italian, German & Spanish.
  • Game Center Leaderboards – Compare your daily, weekly and all-time scores with friends as well as global leaders.
  • Game Center Achievements – More than 50 achievements to unlock. Career, map and difficulty specific challenges!
  • Gyroscope Support (iPhone 4 & iPod touch 4) – Hold and move your iPhone in front of you like a virtual window with full gyroscopic aiming control.
  • Museum Mode – Explore the levels at your own pace, eerily void of any mutants. Take-in a taste of the spectacular RAGE universe, powered by id Tech megatexturing technology
  • 2nd Display Support – Play on a TV or Monitor using your iDevice as a controller. Output 480p over the official Apple Component cable & 720p over the official Apple VGA cable.
  • Mirror Mode – mirrored levels flips the world for a new shooting experience.
  • Additional Bug Fixes.

The RAGE 1.1 update is out now via the App Store, and is available for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, depending on your preferences.

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