Humble Indie Bundle #2 now includes #1, too

Humble Indie Bundle 2

C'mon then!

Do you really need the Humble Indie Bundle #2 to get any cooler? Well, it just did, with the revelation that gamers who pay more than the average purchase price will get the original Bundle thrown in for free.

That’s copies of World of Goo, Aquaria, Gish, Lugaru HD, Penumbra Overture and Samorost 2 for no extra cost. Wow.

With an extension meaning that you’ve still got just under three and a half days left in the deal, the second Bundle is selling like proverbial cakes – they’ve taken more than US$1.3 since the games went on sale last week.

Minecraft developer Notch has also been bumped from his top-donator spot (something he’s actually quite pleased with), thanks to the generosity of grflwitz, who handed over US$3,141.59 for the five games. (Number seem familiar? It’s pi.)

Humble Indie Bundle #2 - bonus

The games from the original Humble Indie Bundle

If you hadn’t already bought these games (which work on PC, Mac and Linux), you really seriously need to pick them up right now – and even if you have already picked up one or two, it’s worth forking out for the rest of the bundle. Remember, you can give the codes to friends, regardless of their preferred operating system, and there’s no DRM.

Oh, and you can activate the first shelf via Steam when you pay for the games (there’s a limited number of keys for most of the games on the second shelf, too). Need any more reasons? Hop to it!

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