Kinect is officially coming to PC


Kinect, soon for PC.

Move over, Xbots – your motion-sensing claim to fame is about to be diluted, with word that Microsoft are bringing the Kinect technology to the humble PC.

Korean developer GamePrix have revealed that their upcoming MMORPG Divine Souls will not only resemble console games in the way the gameplay looks, but also in the way you actually play it.

Boasting a combat mode similar to the style we know and love from Tekken, GamePrix says their game is “scheduled” to support Kinect.

The company explains that there are currently “many” developers applying to Microsoft for the ability to use the system, so Divine Souls won’t be the only one – it seems the hardware will be supported “like joy pad mode”.
[img_big]center,7261,2010-12-14/divine_soul__an_morpg_striving_for_competition_action.jpg,Strike a pose![/img_big]

…if you’re still interested in the game specifics and not the amazing possibilities that just opened up, let me tell you a little about Divine Souls. It’s promising a steampunk / fantasy setting, taking the “simple action” associated with MMORPGS and translating that into something much more similar to console games.

The combat system is “greatly differentiated” from other games, featuring a very impressive chain sword that not only extends forward to grab a monster – it then uses the captured monster to attack other enemies!

Divine Souls is currently available in beta mode in North America, and it’s free to play. You can grab the client right now and jump in to get a feel for everything (if you have an OutSpark account), but remember that the Kinect functionality’s not been added just yet, so you’ll have to make do with more conventional controls.

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