Aussie App Sale: Cheap A%$# Tuesday!

According to the Aussie App Sale, today is Cheap A%$# Tuesday. They’ll use any excuse to make sure you’re well aware of all the awesome (and well-priced) apps and games that are coming out for the iPhone and iPad, straight from the land Down Under. This is more than just Fruit Ninja and Train Conductor 2 (although they’re both included) – the list contains some of the greatest games to hit the iDevice, and some pretty handy little utilities, too.

If you pay attention to their twitter, the guys are giving away some awesome promo code bundles (as well as a bundle of bundles via their Facebook Treasure Hunt!). We weren’t able to get our hands on those, but we do have all the details on just which apps will be featured!

$1 Games
Cluck It!
Fruit Ninja
Train Conductor 2
Terracore Adventures
A Bloody Fun Day!
Assault Squadron
Magnetic Shaving Derby
Kolstov’s Stones
Flick Buddies

Aussie App Sale - Cluck It!

Cluck It!

Aussie App Sale - WaterTracker


Aussie App Sale - Bloody Fun Day

Bloody Fun Day

Aussie App Sale - Mylo


$1 Utilities
Personalised Group SMS
Percentages 5 in 1
OzSun UV Alert
Affirmation Garden
Depth Gauge


Gun Club 2
MIDI Monitor
Cricket Coach Free
Snap Send Solve
RMK Voices
Petey and Jaydee Collection
Posted Lite
Flick Buddies Lite
AFL Live Score
NRL Live Score
A-League Live Score
Ashes Cricket Live Score
NBL Results

I haven’t had a chance to check out every app on the list, but I would like to personally vouch for A Bloody Fun Day. It’s one of my most-beloved Flash games, and the fact I can now play it on my phone makes me very, very happy. (…and let’s not even get started about the Petey and Jaydee Collection and Flight of the Amazon Queen…!)

The Aussie App Sale is only running until January 2, and with prices like these it shouldn’t put too much of a dent into your holiday budget. With a collection of discounted sale apps plus the Aussie-made spotlight, you’d be well-advised to have a browse, even if you’re not from that part of the world.

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