Infinity Blade gets into the holiday spirit

New week, new Infinity Blade info! We’ve got a double-barrelled treat for you today – not just the news that the first free content update will be released “tomorrow”, but also, a whole bunch of gaming tips and tricks, straight from the developers themselves.

It’s still less than two weeks since the game first brought the Unreal Engine to the App Store, and the guys and girls at ChAIR would like to give a little something back, to thank you for your ongoing support.

So, as soon as the App Store is updated, you’ll be able to get your sweaty paws on Infinity Blade Content Pack #1, which brings a bunch of new stuff to the already-awesome game.

Holiday Helm from Infinity Blade

The new Holiday Helm!


  • 5 new Swords, 5 new Shields, 1 new set of Armor, and 5 new Helmets, including the Santa-themed “Holiday Helm!”
  • Maximum Character Level raised from 40 to 45!
  • New Enemy Revealed – The MARROW FIEND! This creature is rumored to devour its victims, taking their bones for its blade and shield.
  • Purchase Gold! Due to popular demand, we have added the ability to buy extra Gold via in-app purchase!
  • Gamers can now listen to their own music while playing INFINITY BLADE!

…plus, of course, the inevitable tweaks and bugfixes.

This is just the start, with ChAIR promising all sorts of new updates in 2011, including new areas to conquer, new enemies, new weapons, armor, helmets and magic rings… and, of course – multiplayer!
[img_big]center,2977,2010-12-20/InfinityBlade_MarrowFiend_InGame.jpg,The Terrifying Marrow Fiend[/img_big]

And because they’re caring, generous types, they’re also going to offer some advice on how to get the best out of Infinity Blade. These tips and gameplay secrets are lurking on their website, but we figured we’d share a couple with you:

When fighting the 15 foot Titans (like the Feral Troll), pay attention to which side he smashes his weapon to the ground. If he smashes on the right side, dodge to the right shortly afterward. If he smashes on the left side do the same on the left. It’s a good indicator of which way to dodge.

Once a weapon is mastered it no longer gives you XP. So switch up your inventory from time to time to get your character to the highest levels. Mastered items double in value – sell them in the store if you need more gold.

Try using block and dodge to defend the first few attacks of an enemy combo, to get in more scratch hits between enemy moves. After the third or fourth enemy attack, try parrying to score the larger damage window at the end of the combo, especially if you get a stab or sword clash opportunity.

Mastering the art of parrying is the key to becoming an unstoppable sword fighter – learn to parry and you will dominate the God King!

…if you’ve been playing a bit of Infinity Blade, feel free to share any handy hints or tips you might have – who knows, you may have stumbled upon a winning combo that even the devs don’t know about!

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