Dungeon Defenders: First Wave sweeps onto iOS

Dungeon Defenders: First Wave, known as “DunDef” to its friends, is the second game to bring the Unreal Engine to the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch – and it’s something a little bit different.

Dungeon Defenders: First Wave

...sounds simple enough!

First off, it considers itself to be a genre hybrid – “Epic Online cooperative Action-RPG meets Strategic Defense” – and how are we meant to argue with that?

There are four distinctive Hero Classes to choose from, and each one must fend off bunches of nasty creatures in order to progress. They can do this by summoning a collection of Towers and Traps throughout the Castle – but this isn’t a mere Tower Defense game! Once you’ve got everything laid out just as you like it, you can dive in and take part in the action-packed combat first-hand! Collect stacks of loot, customise your equipment, install upgrades and work on developing your class abilities as you level up.

…and it all looks pretty darn awesome, to boot (I love it when the Unreal Engine’s used for cartoon projects!):

You don’t have to go it alone – thanks to GameCenter there’s some seamless online drop-in/drop-out multiplayer thrown in, so you can cooperate (or compete) with your mates, building stronger heroes and achieving high scores.

What really makes DunDef: First Wave different though is the fact that it’s just the first step. The game’s full-blown big brother, Dungeon Defenders proper, will be released for PC and console next year – this one’s a bit of a teaser to get you in the mood.

Dungeon Defenders: First Wave


In a nice move, your Hero characters are cross-compatible with the upcoming PC version – and once that’s completed, they’re even promising cross-platform online play. Pretty cool, huh?

Dungeon Defenders: First Wave is available in the App Store right now, thanks to Trendy Entertainment and Epic Games – just in time for the weekend.

…oh, and if you prefer your mobile gaming without that Apple flavour, Trendy have promised an announcement for Android fans in the coming days.

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