L.A. Noire – Behind the scenes with MotionScan

Mmm. L.A. Noire has a lot to live up to, but if they keep releasing bits and pieces like this, they just might manage it. Today, we’ve been given a video that shows some behind-the-scenes trickery technology that the game is pioneering – MotionScan.

MotionScan is a whole new level of motion capture, promising to put real actors directly into the video game. Rather than just grabbing bodily movement, MotionScan uses a special high-def, 32-camera rig which only films the actor’s face – allowing developers to accurately scan and digitise their performance. This creates a level of realism and immersion better than we’ve ever seen in a video game – and makes the whole lot tread awfully close to the Uncanny Valley.

L.A. Noire is a dark, violent detective thriller set in (you guessed it) Los Angeles during the 1940s post-war era. Your role, should you accept it, is to step into the shoes of new detective Cole Phelps (played by Mad Men‘s Aaron Staton), solving mind-bendingly gruesome cases around the city. MotionScan technology comes into its own when it’s time to interrogate your suspects – you’ll actually be able to read each character’s emotional behaviour as you get closer to the truth.
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Rockstar have been promising us this one for six years now, but L.A. Noire should finally get here some time in the first half of 2011.

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