Portal 2 shows off more co-op action

Brace yourselves, we’ve got a bit of Portal 2 to kick off your morning. Valve have just released a shiny new video showing off characters Atlas and P-body, as they prepare for testing. Atlas is the blue one, while P-body is orange, by the way.

This isn’t the first time we’ve met the programmable pair, so you’re forgiven if they look a little familliar. Atlas is a modified Personality Core, while P-body was once a Sentry Gun. And, y’know, you’ve probably seen them getting blown up a few times in the co-op chambers if you’ve been keeping an eye on all things Portal 2.

The in-game co-op mode is a whole new full-length campaign, completely separate from Chell’s singleplayer antics. Gamers will look after Atlas and P-body as they work together, despite GLaDOS’ objections.

Now, in case you missed the memo, Portal 2 is due for launch on PS3, Xbox 360, PC and Mac in the week of April 18th, barring any unfortunate accidents.

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