Squeenix delays Deus Ex, world cries

The long-awaited Deus Ex: Human Revolution has now been delayed, so we have to wait even longer! That’s to say it’s been moved from its March release date to the following quarter, which begins in April. They cite wanting extra time to polish the game and quite frankly, if we have to wait a couple of extra months for touch-ups, I’m not one to complain.
[img_big]center,13,2010-11-18/DXHR_Screenshot_ExplodingMagnum2.jpg, We’ll have to wait to see more of this[/img_big]

It does mean that Square Enix will have the new Deus Ex releasing around the same time as PS3 version of the poorly-received Final Fantasy XIV, which is an interesting strategic move.

This news also comes with the announcement that the publishing company has slashed its yearly profit forecast by 90 percent!! Not a great year for poor Squeenix.

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