Flight Control Free lands ad-supported planes

Flight Control for free? We’re not kidding – developers Firemint have let us know they’re launching an ad-supported free version of their uber-addictive title just as soon as Apple updates the App Store.

Flight Control Free

...it speaketh the truth!

In Flight Control Free, it’s all pretty much the same as the paid version – you’re an air traffic controller at an airport that just keeps getting busier and busier. You simply touch and drag the planes to their appropriate landing zones, while avoiding collisions.

Sounds simple enough – and it is – but as the game proceeds, everybody gets faster and more frequent, and soon you’ll need some pretty tricky strategies to control the chaos.

The free version will let you play the original map as much as you like – no time or score limits here! There’s also Game Center Leaderboard functionality, if you’re into that sort of thing, and a handful of Achievements has been thrown in too.

Flight Control Free

It made me miss my bus stop.

Of course, you’re really just prolonging the inevitable – once you’ve tasted Flight Control, you’re going to want the real thing. In exchange for your hard-earned money, Firemint will give you more maps, more achievements, local and online multiplayer, and a Fast Forward button to speed everything up a notch. Oh, and – of course – there’s no ads!

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