Disney Epic Mickey soundtrack out next week

What did you think of Disney Epic Mickey? Want a small piece of it to take with you everywhere you can carry headphones? You’re in luck! The game’s soundtrack, penned by Jim Dooley will soon be released as both a standalone CD, or via iTunes.

If Jim’s name doesn’t sound familiar yet, it should – he also wrote the music for The Simpsons Movie and worked with Hans Zimmer on Madagascar, Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit and The Da Vinci Code. Nifty pedigree!

Jim Dooley hard at work recording for Disney Epic Mickey

Jim Dooley in the studio

Warren Spector, the brains behind the operation (and Junction Point general manager and creative director), explained:

“Jim Dooley perfectly understood the concept of classic Disney sound and was able to compose a slightly off-center feel to match the unique world of Wasteland in Disney Epic Mickey.

“The intuition and skill that makes Jim Dooley one of the industry‚Äôs top musical talents is represented in Disney Epic Mickey. The range of emotions in his score is simply stunning and one that fans will enjoy both within the game and on its own.”

The 20-track record is set to arrive on December 21 – if you’ve been looking for some tunes to keep you happy over the holiday break, this might just be it.

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