Unreal Engine iPhone Dev Kit released this week

With their iPhone debut Infinity Blade considered to be a runaway success, Epic Games have more announcements up their sleeve. Today they’ve revealed that the Unreal Engine iPhone Dev Kit, which powers the game, will be released to the public… and it’ll be unleashed on Thursday of this week!

In a pretty lovely act of generosity, the UDK will be made available for free – as long as any resulting games or products created with it are also released for free. If you’d prefer to sell the end product, then you’ll need to fork over a licensing fee of US$99 initially, plus 25% royalties after your first US$5,000 in sales.

Unreal Development Kit - UDK

It's a-comin' for your phone!

Despite his colleague Jay Wilbur’s affinity for the Android platform, it seems that Epic head honcho Mark Rein recognises the potential of Apple’s handheld:

“Apple’s App Store is the most vibrant market for mobile gaming.

“If you’re going to make a game for a mobile device, and you want to make the most money, you’re nuts not to make it for iOS.”

He goes on to explain that, in his eyes, the sheer variety of Android-based phones on the market makes it difficult to write applications and games that work across the board. More frustratingly, Google have implemented a file size limit on titles submitted to the Android Marketplace, which has caused problems for both Infinity Blade and also id Software‘s recent offering, RAGE.

Infinity Blade

...pretty, um, Epic!

Released on the Apple App Store just less than a week ago, Infinity Blade is selling bucketloads, and – thanks to its success – there’s DLC on the way already. Coming “next week”, the free update will raise the level cap to 45, plus bringing with it five new weapons, five new shields and five new helmets, plus a new armor set. You’ll need all that gear, too! The update introduces an all-new enemy: The Marrow Fiend.

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