The Humble Indie Bundle #2: five more games!

Just in time for the holidays, the Humble Indie Bundle has returned. If you cast your mind back to May, you’ll remember the first bundle was, by all accounts, a bit of a runaway success. Now, with all-new games, the deal is back. Pay what you want, distributed as you want, and get five totally awesome independently-released games, for PC, Mac and Linux. (Yes!)

Humble Indie Bundle #2

Pay what you will!

The games involved this time are: The award-winning Cortex Command, very sparkly Osmos, steam-punk-esque Machinarium, Braid, making its first appearance on Linux, and Revenge of the Titans, making its first appearance in the world.

Oh, and each of the games is DRM free, because they’re good people and they trust you. Included in the bundle is a couple of charitable donations – one to Child’s Play (which might nudge them over last year’s record), and one to the Electronic Frontiers Foundation. This time around there’s also a “tip” that goes to the Bundle developers, to help them compile more goodies in the future.

Here’s a video to bring you up to speed:

The Bundle’s also gaining a bunch of attention from all over the industry. Robert fourzerotwo Bowling, Creative Strategist at Infinity Ward contributed US$500 to the cause, and then gave away the games. Nice work!

So – as they say – if you want a copy of these superawesome games (or if you want to send a copy to your mates), head over to their website: and decide how much you think it’s worth.

At time of writing, despite the suggested price of US$29.95 (the actual cost of the games at full price is closer to US$85), gamers are tending to spend less than ten bucks. Windows users are the worst of the lot, paying – on average – just $5.67 for the five games, two donations and tip. Mac users are currently paying about two dollars more, while the average Linux gamer is showing a bit more appreciation, forking over nearly US$14.

They’re still selling an awful lot of games though – the counter just clicked over to 37,750 – and raising a whole bunch of money for charity. Last time around, the bundle hit 140,000 downloads – it’ll be interesting to see if this new batch of games will have the same appeal.

Lots of indie bundle love to Minecraft developer Notch, who handed over US$2,000 for his games, donations and tip. More than 50,000 bundles were sold over the past 24 hours, adding up to nearly US$674,000. There’s still five days to go, I think that million bucks is within their grasp!

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