Kinect rocks out with air guitar mod

A British artist has come up with one of the most impressive mods we’ve seen for Kinect – and it’s something so obvious I don’t know why nobody had done it sooner. Introducing: Air Guitar!

At the moment, it’s only a tech demo, and the developer – Chris O’Shea – has explained that he’s created the project solely to experiment with the Kinect and its full body interaction. But just look at it!

This isn’t a new project for O’Shea – he created an Air Guitar prototype back in 2007, using a stereo camera. He says that it “didn’t work very well”, requiring gamers to stand very still, and the final image leaving a little to be desired. Now though, with open source drivers for Kinect popping up all over the place, the time was right.

Basically, the new version of the project lets you create guitar sounds by simply strumming the air – and if you want something a little more exhibitionist, your image can be projected onto a visual stage.

To find out the more technical details, you can head to O’Shea’s explanation of the project, or just watch the video again. On the other hand, if you’d like to see some more totally rockin’ air guitar footage (“real” air guitar, none of this video game stuff), head to MusicPron for their coverage of the World Air Guitar Championships, back in August.

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