Castle Crashers' princess tells you where to go

Red Princess from Castle Crashers

...hopefully she can speak a bit more clearly now.

When you’re out driving, lost in the maze of twisty turny roads to your destination, it’s always nice to have a familiar voice to guide you. The standard voices that come with most GPS devices leave a little to be desired, so it’s lovely to see the influx of games-related voices that you can add to your device.

The latest to join the trend is the Red Princess, from cult hit Castle Crashers.

All you need is a TomTom GPS device, plus the TomTom Home software, and then it’s a simple matter of clicking “voices” and downloading the Princess. Oh, did I mention it’s free?

Indie developers The Behemoth are a bit chuffed with themselves for pulling this one off, and would like to thank Kira Buckland for lending her voice acting skills. Kira’s a talented lady, who has also stepped into the roles of Green Princess, Blue Princess and Medusa – who knows if this will be her sole turn at GPS directions?

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