Infinity Blade sells rather a lot of copies

Infinity Blade is kinda huge. We all knew it would be – it’s the Unreal Engine on your iPhone! – but now we have some numbers for the non-believers.
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The game, which launched last Thursday, has sold more than 274,000 copies in its first five days on sale – and that number’s just going by the amount of people who have logged into Apple’s Game Center.

Given how many people play games and don’t use Game Center, those numbers are a little on the conservative side, according to Epic‘s Mark Rein, who chuckles via Twitter that “the Game Center numbers being reported are quite a bit lower than the actual sales :)”.

The game itself costs US$5.99 in the App Store. That, multiplied by the number of Game Center player counts means that the sword-fighter has garnered more than US$1.64 million in sales for Epic Games and their development studio Chair Entertainment.

You don’t need to know the actual figures to determine that this suggests that Infinity Blade the fastest-grossing App of all time, trumping Chillingo‘s Cut The Rope, which took US$1 million in its first ten days.

However, the high pricepoint for Epic‘s offering does mean that they have sold fewer games to get to this position – Cut The Rope was only 99 cents, so it saw more than a million downloads in just over a week. There’s still a few days left though, and some official details yet to be released, so who knows? It’s entirely possible that, by Thursday, more than a million people around the world will be hacking and slashing and fighting the God King on their phones.

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